Our Brand Partnerships

We love sharing our platform with incredible brands, especially when they share our values. If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch with us using our contact form.

RVCA Partnership

The V and A in RVCA symbolise the ‘The Balance of Opposites’ and how they co-exist in nature. RVCA is a lifestyle driven brand that transcends different sub-cultures and pulls like-minded people together. If you’re familiar with the origins of DMC, you’ll realise that both of these statements resonate with our concept.

We’ll be focusing on the lifestyle and the combat elements for RVCA in this region, as well as our [ab]normal shenanigans.


FUEL-UP Partnership

DMC are ambassadors of Fuel-Up, the UAE’s number 1 meal prep company, specifically designed for athletes.

This suits us because we are as busy as our socials depict. Always up to no-good somewhere. Whether it’s punching down frightening quantities of beersies, throwing down some big-boy phys or being sky lizards in the desert, one thing we have been consistent with is our eating habits, which have been made EASY by Fuel-Up.

www.fueluplife.com *use code DMCFU15 for a 15% discount on all purchases.

Skull Candy Partnership

Created on a chairlift in a snow park in Utah, this unconventional brand understands its customers needs for bone shaking sound, practicality and style with their tech-optimised earbuds and headphones.

Aside from their products, Skull Candy represent a lifestyle and a way of thinking that aligns with DMC. From challenging the status quo, to loving for all things adrenaline, to being ‘relentless underdogs’, to recognising accountability in yourself and in your team, this brand is what we are about.

www.skullcandy.ae *use discount code DMCSKULL20 for 20% discount on all purchases.